Risk Assessments & Programmes

We help businesses understand and craft simple, light and dynamic Risk Assessments and Compliance Programmes.

Assessment & Programme Overview

We help businesses understand and craft simple, light and dynamic Risk Assessments and Compliance Programmes.

Our documents use frequent hyperlinks into the relevant legal provisions and external guidance to de-clutter and simplify. So they’re ultra-streamlined, making them:

  • Easy to navigate, understand and implement
  • Quick for new staff to absorb
  • Much simpler to update when things change – as AML/CFT compliance continues to do.

Our clients value our AML/CFT documents as key compliance tools, not the usual overbearing, cumbersome documents that sit unused in the bottom drawer.

Many businesses spend more on compliance than they should. Poor system design, misinterpretation of law or guidance, or overlapping systems may be at fault. Robinson Legal takes pride in saving clients significant long-term expense by assessing:

  • Your existing compliance requirements and systems
  • AML/CFT obligations already being met
  • How to streamline new obligations within existing systems
  • How novel situations outside current guidance can most efficiently be met, petitioning your Supervisor for agreement in appropriate cases
  • Potential cost-mitigation using alternative compliance tools

Tips for New Players:

If you’re embarking on a risk assessment for the first time, we recommend at least being aware of the basics (which we will synthesise for you):

Careful front-end analysis forms the foundation for an effective Compliance Programme.

We help ensure your AML processes will withstand the increasing scrutiny of the Supervisors, the FIU, your independent auditors and the courts.

Robinson Legal's team are litigation specialists who bring unparalleled AML/CFT experience to our clients. We have extensive prosecution and defence experience, and have advised government, corporate and individual clients on financial crime, AML/CFT, the full range of criminal cases and regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

Our Principal, Marty Robinson, co-wrote the legal text The AML/CFT Regime: A Practical Guide. Marty has spent two decades in financial crime and associated areas, including investigation and prosecution work at the UK Serious Fraud Office as an Investigative Lawyer and acting as Principal Solicitor at New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs, a Crown Prosecutor at the Crown Solicitor’s Office, and a criminal defence and civil litigation lawyer on his own account and with Robinson Legal.