Regulatory Matters

Advice and representation where government agencies are involved

Prosecution and Breach Action

We advise and represent clients on regulatory investigations, civil breach actions and prosecutions. Marty leads our team of litigators and has prosecuted and defended a broad variety of regulatory offences over the years, including tax, financial reporting, fisheries, radiocommunications, biosecurity, wildlife regulations, and motor vehicle sales prosecutions.

Marty and Scott have defended a broad variety of criminal prosecutions including regulatory cases and deal with proceeds of crime litigation in the civil courts.

Case Study

Marty has recently advocated for a number of reporting entities under the AML/CFT regime where their regulators initially saw a need for significant compliance measures to meet the Act's requirements.

Marty was able on each occasion to negotiate practical, creative and legally sound alternatives that greatly reduced the reporting entities' compliance burdens. The directors were very pleased with the bottom line.